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 I’d like to introduce you to some really fine individuals of the Missouri Fox Trotting Breed of horses. I've been breeding and raising Missouri Fox Trotting horses since 1975 and have had the wonderful privilege of crossing paths with some really special horses and their people.

I'd like to share with you my breeding program along with the horses and people who have guided and influenced my decisions along the way. As I share with you please remember that this is my chosen program for breeding. Our breed is very unique to have such a very broad range of bloodlines that most anyone desiring a gaited horse can find something they like within the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed. These horses I'll be sharing with you are the style foxtrotters that I personally prefer and love. I hope you enjoy meeting them. My 'Breeding Program' page introduces you to a lot of the fox trotters from the very beginning of the breed and on up thru the years to current time. You will have several pedigrees to help acquaint you with the old timers and allow you to see the ancestry of the horses I have today.

The 'Stallions' page will be introducing you to my recent stallion, Red's Flaxy Shadow, as well as some of his offspring. Shadow died in July of 2006 at age 27 but I have his young son that will be stepping up for the job probably in '09. So you will be meeting Shadow's Ramblin Charley Dare also (Charley). I will also share with you a few stallions I outcross to.

The 'Mares' of course are the ones that do most the work around here. I am a small breeder and my numbers are limited and vary.

On the 'For Sale' page you will also meet all my current foals. Not all are for sale but I want you to meet them anyway. I don't usually have very many horses for sale at one time. Usually foals are all I sell.

Please don't leave before you visit the 'Articles'pa 'Articles' 'Articles'ge. There is where you will find an article I wrote several years ago and was published in Horse and Horseman. This article tells how I got started with the foxtrotters and of my childhood dream horse. There will also be an article written by Dyan Westvang on the differences of the 'old blood' bred foxtrotters vs. the 'new blood' bred foxtrotters; Excellent information that I could not have expressed a bit better. There is an article written by Mr. Claude Hibbard who was a founding father of the breed. I guess this was one of the first articles ever written on the Fox Trotting Horse Breed. It used to appear in the old rulebooks. There is also a story about one of Ramblin Red's daughters. Just hearing this story is a good explanation of what kind of horses these are. Also you will find several 'lines of ancestry' that demonstrate how very close these horses are to the original 3 Arab stallions imported into England in the 1700's to breed to the Royal mares for riding purposes.


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